Sunday, March 05, 2006

Zee Cine Awards - what a farce

I watched the Zee cine awards today on T.V and as usual it was boring and sycophancy ridden. The worst part of the program was the hosting by Karan Johar. I believe his coterie keep telling him that he is a very good host coz he seems to be very convinced of this fact. His sense of humour was out of place and there were some half baked, rehearsed supposedly humurous discussions, which could hardly bring a smile on my face. There was a big section of the program dedicated to Yash Chopra where everyone (especially King Khan) was going gaga about yash chopra and his romantic movies. The best for the last. Shah rukh is nominated for the best actor award for his performace in Paheli!!! Good God, he was not given the best actor award.

Awards for Performance -- huh absolute farce...

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