Saturday, March 18, 2006

Blogs - The best thing to happen in my life

I have been reading blogs for over 2 years now. As a kid I was not a big fan of reading, though that was the first thing I would claim as to be my hobby (to sound cool). As a kid, I would rather spend my time watching/playing cricket and movies than getting myself lost in a fat, heavy book. Books were thrust into my hands only by force and my experience of reading was mostly limited to the boring text books. So I was completely unaware of the pleasure and wisdom derived from this act, until my adulthood.

Thanks to the Internet and a few wise and well informed co bloggers, I started to explore a new avenue of pleasure. I owe a lot of information that I am aware of today, to the courtesy of a few bloggers. Naming all of them is not a trivial effort, so I will limit myself to the top 3 whose updates I never miss reading. You can find the links for these blogs in the must read section.

3. Youth Curry: This is written by Rashmi Bansal and was one of the earliest blogs I book marked for regular reading. Being an young guy myself, ( some of my younger friends may tend to disagree with this claim) I find most of her posts very interesting and informative. I like the ones she wrote about making career choices and the difference of perpectives for a girl and a guy about the most taboo subject for we indians, sex.

2. Random thoughts of a demented mind: This is a unique blog on the web and a masterpiece. It is written by great bong who has an amazing sense of humour. I must have read all the archives atleast more than once. Post after post he dishes out humourous, most of the times satirical articles and reviews of a few chosen bollywood movies. He gets the credit to bring upon me the wisdom of Mithunism. Calling him a great bong is an understatement, he should have been called " The greatest living bong" (of course after Mithun Da).

1. Deesha: This is a blog written by Atanu Dey. He mostly writes articles about economics and a few on spirutuality. His writing definitely taught me a whole new perspective of life. The blogs under the section "Letters to Abhisek" are my favourites

Thank you guys for all the blogs ... and Please keep them coming

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