Monday, March 13, 2006

India's win and ICC's parsimony

I am extremely pleased at India's victory against England in the second test. I didnot have the fortune of watching it live but I had been following the running text commentary at Cric Info. This text commentary belongs to a class of its own. Some of the words used are not in english , neither in Hindi, I must say Hinglish.

I dont know why the ICC is so greedy for money. Their official website Cricinfo wants to make money from selling audio commentary and they are desperate to stack up every penny. If you think paying for audio commentary sounds absurd, wait until you hear the so called commentary by experts. There are no experts in that commentary panel atleast not anyone I recognize and their coverage is terrible (I cannot sound more melodramatic than that). In a few words it sucks big time. I am glad atleast the text commentary comes free.. I am not sure though for how long its gonna stay that way.

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