Sunday, March 12, 2006


I watched Nagesh Kukonoors Iqbal last evening. It was a good one to watch. I was impressed by Shweta Prasad's performance as Iqbal's sister. She fully deserved the award she received at Zee filmfare awards, the other day as the best supporting actor - critics ( I never get how that is different from the actual one). Nagesh protrayed the love in Iqbals small and sweet family in very subtle way. The human tendency to search for reasons for his failures rather than confronting his shortcomings, was excellently shown, through Iqbals father citing, Iqbals love for cricket worsening his already fragile situation of his finances. The movie didnot end as impressively as it started though. Iqbal under perfoming in a session of the final match to stack some quick money, seemed to justify match fixing under dire circumstances.

Naseeruddin shah doesnt require any special mentioning. He was excellent as always and the scenes between him and shweta were very well scripted. But I never understood what he claims as "Chakravyuh" stratergy in the movie. I hope atleast Greg Chappel got what it means.....

Overall its a good movie to watch...definitely paisa vasool

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